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CEO Pay Ratio Survey Company ID Request

CEO Pay Ratio Survey Company ID Request

Beginning in 2018, public companies will be required to disclose their CEO Pay Ratio. In an effort to help assess the relative position of your ratio among similar companies, Equilar is conducting a CEO Pay Ratio Survey.

Please fill in this form and Equilar will generate your company’s unique survey ID, which will be sent to the email address provided. Use this ID to submit your survey information (this ensures your data is kept private during the submission process). Once you have your ID, visit the Equilar CEO Pay Ratio Pre-Disclosure Survey page to submit.

As a thank you for your submission, Equilar will provide a complimentary white paper and webinar reporting the results. The report will include descriptive statistics by industry and company size, but no company-specific information, and is scheduled to publish in early February 2018.

Please contact Matthew Goforth, Senior Governance Advisor, at with any questions.