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Catalyst for Change: What Do Investors Want From Directors?

Date: Thursday, June 29, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

Of 413 activist campaigns launched in 2016, 41% were board-related. And investors in general—not just activists—are becoming more vocal about their expectations for boards.

This webinar will provide insights into how investors evaluate boards and key factors they consider in their voting decisions, including perceived director independence, levels of expertise, diversity, tenure and over-boarding concerns. The panelists will also weigh in on the board’s oversight responsibility for executive compensation, risk, and climate competencies, among other issues that may introduce vulnerabilities standing in the way of enhancing the board’s value to shareholders.

Webinar Registration Fee: This webinar is complimentary to all attendees as part of the Equilar Diversity Network.

Webinar Discussion Highlights

  • The key criteria investors use to evaluate board functioning and potential vulnerabilities

  • Where governance gaps are most apparent

  • How diversity contributes to company performance and how investors measure progress

  • Board tenure: How long is too long?

  • How investors view limited voting rights

Featured Speakers

Dan Marcec
Director of Content
Equilar, Inc.

Donna Anderson
Vice President and Global Corporate Governance Analyst
T. Rowe Price

Eileen Cohen
Managing Director, U.S. Equity
J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Blair Jones
Managing Director
Semler Brossy