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Walking a Tightrope: Managing Compensation During Sensitive Transitions

Date: Thursday, April 28, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

Managing a compensation program is a delicate balancing act under the best of circumstances, but is particularly challenging in sensitive scenarios such as M&A, spin-outs, financial restatements or termination. HR and compensation professionals must navigate a minefield of competing interests and priorities, heightened financial and emotional stakes, and complex rules and regulations.

Companies have little room for error in ensuring compensation outcomes are consistent with the company’s goals and objectives, in carefully managing governance and public perceptions, and in avoiding implementation, accounting and disclosure risks. Join Equilar as we host Equity Methods and Hugessen Consulting for a discussion of issues frequently encountered during these sensitive transition scenarios.

Discussion Topics Include

  • Governance issues related to termination and change in control

  • Unique issues encountered with executive pay in spin-outs and M&A

  • Strategically structuring modifications (including accelerations) to executive awards

  • Update on current status of Dodd-Frank clawback rule

  • Best practices and tips on how to avoid potential pitfalls


Dan Marcec
Director of Content
Equilar, Inc.

Nathan O’Connor
Managing Director, Valuation Services
Equity Methods

Damian Yu
Hugessen Consulting