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CEO Pay Ratio Survey

Equilar conducted an anonymous survey of public companies to identify the CEO Pay Ratio they plan to report in their 2018 proxy statements. Among the 356 responding companies, the median CEO pay ratio was 140:1. Please fill out the form to receive an email link to download a complimentary executive summary of the report. You may request more detailed information and the full dataset from the survey by entering information in the comments section or responding to the email.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • The median CEO pay ratio across all 356 submitting companies was 140:1, and the average was 241:1
  • Median employee compensation for all companies in the survey was $60,000
  • Zero companies in the Equilar 500 disclosed a CEO pay ratio ahead of the required rule for 2018
  • The median CEO pay ratio increased in direct correlation to company revenue, while median employee compensation decreased in direct correlation to company revenue
  • Ratios by industry sector varied widely, from 350:1 at consumer discretionary companies to 72:1 at energy companies