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Benchmarking with Executive Compensation Surveys – Best Practices

Date: June 25, 2015
Time: 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

As executive compensation benchmarking has evolved, it has become increasingly important to be knowledgeable about the latest benchmarking functions and techniques. This webinar will provide a detailed analysis of historic and current benchmarking processes, an in-depth overview of compensation surveys, and an explanation of how to identify the right peer companies, and compensation data for effective benchmarking.

Join James Dickinson, Senior Executive Compensation Consultant with Pay Governance, and Danielle Soucek, Equilar’s Insight Product Management Director, as they examine all areas of executive compensation benchmarking. Gain valuable tips and relevant advice to improve your benchmarking process and use of compensation surveys.


Danielle Soucek
Director Insight Product Management

James Dickinson
Senior Executive Compensation Consultant
Pay Governance