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Counseling the C-Suite: Best Practices in Recruiting and Compensating the GC

Date: October 29, 2015
Time: 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

General Counsel are core members of the executive team, responsible for overseeing and addressing legal issues across departments, providing expert advice to executive officers as well as the board of directors. Due to the prominence and importance of General Counsel, it is no surprise that these individuals are among the top paid executives at their companies, and attracting and retaining effective General Counsel is therefore critical.

Equilar and executive search firm Barker Gilmore will present a webinar to share highlights Equilar’s annual GC Pay Trends report and offer valuable insights on recruiting the right legal talent in a new era of shareholder engagement.


  • The latest data on GC pay using Equilar’s TrueView methodology—a combination of proxy-disclosed compensation information and company-reported pay data through Equilar’s annual Top 25 Executive Compensation Survey that provides the most complete pay picture available

  • Shareholder engagement issues impacting GC recruitment at U.S. companies

  • Correlations between skills sets and what GC candidates are asking in compensation

  • How GC candidates are positioning their contribution to company goals in an age of pay for performance


Dan Marcek
Director of Content

Bob Barker
Managing Partner
Barker Gilmore

John Gilmore
Managing Partner
Barker Gilmore